Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June 29 newsletter

We picked all our garlic this week, which is so satisfying since it’s been growing since October. We’ve been so patient, and now the patience continues as we let it cure in the greenhouse. We picked a few bulbs early to share, but the bulk of it won’t be ready for two weeks or so.
Unfortunately a lot of our greens have succumbed to the heat, and we’re waiting for the real summer goodies to arrive – tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. But they’re on their way! The cherry tomatoes should ripen in a week or two, and then we’ll have more than we know what to do with. Hmm…I wonder if you can make pasta sauce from cherries?
But luckily we’ve got tons of squash and zucchini and cukes right now, so we’re getting our first taste of summer. Again, there are endless things to do with these, and we’ve got tons of ideas on our website, so check it out. Mostly we just experiment, especially at this time of year when we have lots of one thing at a time. We know the CSA can be a challenge, so we appreciate you sticking with it!

This Week (*full share only):

Swiss Chard
Squash and Zucchini
Baby leeks
Yellow Onions*

What to do with it:

Hope you’re not getting sick of chard. We are continuously developing new ways to eat it, and we still love it, so we hope you do too. This week we’re going to experiment with a squash-zucchini-chard-lasagna. Feel free to experiment with your own. Our plan is to make enough to freeze one for the winter. Won’t it be nice to pull out come January!
We have yet to cook the onions or leeks ourselves, so we can’t provide specific inspiration for those. If you wanted to try the chard in a light soup, you could sauté some leeks in butter, add some stock of your choice even a simple chicken bouillon would do), and then throw in some chopped chard. A perfect light summer soup. You could even add some lentils or beans. The onions and leeks (one or the other, but not both) would be great in eggs as well. So would the squash and zucchini.
The kohlrabi is the very last of the bunch, so treat it with care. We really enjoyed it grated raw into pasta salad, but we also sliced it into stir fry and it was excellent. The cucumber is delicious on its own. We like to make a simple summer salad of sliced cuke, some white vinegar, a pinch of white sugar and some black pepper. Great with pizza.

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