Saturday, February 14, 2009

What real eggs should look like

Eggs should not all be uniform in size, shape, and color. Heck some of our eggs come out round or in the shape of a football. It makes me wonder what those giant so called "free range" chicken farms with names like Hidden Pastures or Sunny Meadows are doing to those chickens. We reuse old egg cartons and I just love to read the marketing schemes on the cartons, farm fresh eggs, hand gathered, free roaming, and my favorite, fresh eggs. Funny how corporations come up with a down on the farm, home grown marketing scheme and most people fall for it. I would love for one of these big companies to use the method we use on our farm, which is come on out and see where your food comes from. I think most people would be appalled if they saw where their food actually came from and how it was handled. Peanut butter anyone?

If you haven't seen this video, this is how our chickens live.

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