Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look who's finally here...

I don't have the brain power to write to much so one of us will tell our home birth story once we get some sleep. Here is the little man himself.

Elliot Paul Mann
born 1/12/09
6:12 pm
Home birth

Big thanks to Peggy, Aimee, and Desiree we could not have done this without you. You will always be like family.


Deanne said...

YAY!*~* How beautiful...I can't wait to meet him, and to hug you guys...enjoy your baby naps...

Mackenzie said...

Wonderful!! I checked your blog afternoon just incase...I guess you were to busy to post! ;) Congratulations on a beautiful birth and baby!
Enjoy your babymoon~
Mackenzie Haydu

Susie Wilburn said...

How wonderful! I really love getting the photos. Thanks for including me. I sent you guys a little gift that you should get in a few days from Uncommon goods. Just to give you a heads up that I was thinking of you at this special time. Get some rest.

Farmer Ellen said...

Excellent work you two. you've now joined the most popular club in the world = parents. it's the most interesting thing ever, welcome. he's a darling babe.

Aimee Fairman said...

Beautiful! You guys will always be like family to us too.

Love you guys,

Cat Lady said...

I am so proud to be the Grandma of this beautiful boy. Good Work you two.

Love to all three,
Grandma Causey

Todd said...

Thanks to everyone and Elliot is looking forward to meeting all of you.